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in for steve fertig. and it's going to be a nice day for people to get up and abbut. >> it's nice heat and no humidity a nice start for the september morning. >> i'm going to miss the heat and humidity, i have to say. >> you are going to miss a record-bbeaking heat. thiishas indeed been the hottest summer of 2010. coldest and snowiest winter. the we have had, that, too. whee we do need raii, folk..3 all kinds of things happening in the weather department. to put it in wrrting officiallyy we do have the hottest summer evvr since 1943. 55 days of 90 degrees plus. you all know sweat through it just as i did. breek today. it's only 57 at bwi. dew points are low. we get winds gusttng up froo th3 northwest up to 15 miles per hour today and hen just open
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the windows, just hhad out there and enjoy the low humidity and below normal temperatures. a daytime hhgh of 77 degrees. wwll, let's cheek the roadways on theethursday morning. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we are deaaing with some sort of debris on the southbound laaes of 895 at moravia road. it's blocking one lane at this time aa we check in and take a live look hhre.ú here we go, it shows the southbound lanes heading toward the tunnel.ú you can see a little bit of a brief delay. we are still looking at a 9-minute ride throuuh the harbor tunnel. if you're using the noter mchenry tunnel, no problems to report there. you're ooking at an 8-minute ride are with an speed of 55 miles per hour. the west side of the 795 remains clear with an averageespeed of bief miles pe!!55 miles pee hou3 that's the traffic edge report. patrice bein, back to you. thank you, lauren. a man is tabbed and left for dead in reisterstown.
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it happened early hii morringg while the victim fights for his lifee,the erson responsibbe is still on the loose. megan gilliland is live onnthe scene where police areesearching for a suspect. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're live on the intersection of route 140 and franklin ú%ulevard in reiiterstown. this is usually a very safe area, but this morning the site of a crime scene. a man stabbed and left for dead at the intersection up here andú someehere. ú% happened at 12:30 this ú%lice are not sure if this was a robbery attempt, but they do3 believe a fight broke out efore that victim was stabbed. his injuries all life-threatening at this point. the person responsible is still on the loose. police are investigating right now. no word on any suspects at this ww will bring yyu an update ii and when police releese a description. meanwhile, if you have any informatioo on the stabbing, baltimore county police are asking that you call ttem right away.
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live in reisterstown, i'm meean gilliland. does the man that is along the sidewalk or is there a business or home that this all took place. >> reporter: police are telling us it haapened at the ú%tersection here. the crime scene, of course has all been here. everything has been washed away, no evidence of anything at his point..3 %-live at reisterstown.oting thank you. firefighters are called to a late night fire in bbltimore. -he two-alarm blaze broke near a home in madison in charles street at 11:30 last night. -hen firefighters arrived on the flames coming from the roof. they saa it section tende extena building next dooo. there's no records of any injjries. the cause remains under investigatioo. more than 100 irefightersswere in baltimore fighting five blazes. the whennemergency crews arrived on the scene they found three row homes on north calhoun
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street engusme engulfed n flam. those lames quickly spread across the street. luckily all ut one the homes involved were vacant. llss than a inutes later less away two homes went up in flames. there's a good hance the windy day could be to blame for ssreaddng the fire. >> i don't know haa it is -- %-be ashamed of themselves settg stuff on fire like this. >> thaa's the way it is, they don't fix them up, they burn >> firecrews were called back to -he sente o scene at calhoun stú after the flames rekindde. later. auuhhrities sayy55 gallons of hydrochloric cid spilled inside a business on witting ton
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11 people ended haaing to evacuate. two were checked out on the scene. no more injuries were reported. hazmat crews cleaned up he spill. today an amended sexxal harassment lawsuit will be file3 aaainst john leopold. and the new details reveal3 bizzrre behavior. in the revised suit, carll paints a picture of a skirt chhsing executive who she says will go to great lengths to get whaa he wants. attractive women and order scope police officers to run down their license plates. p> he woold ask the olice guard or anybody else he had to get to person. >> the lawsuit ccaims that he used fear and intimidation to keep employees quiet. the counny's attorney says the claims have no merit and are
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irresponsible. ♪ with the november elections just around the corner,,the fight over slots in aane arundel county is heating up. parlor nearrarundel mills mall has put out a new ad. it pushes people to vote yes to a yes vote would approve zoning for casino at the mall. the mannin charge of the project says a broad group of people are in favor of the plan. >> when i get up here with the firemen, the policemen, the schhol teachers and they're on my side,,i'm honored. i feel good and i know i'm going to win. brinn money nddjobs to anneú arundel county. stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the mid-termmelection. go to
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and stay with us fox 45 morning news for continuing covvrage of thh elections. we wwll sit down with baltimore county executive joe bartenfelder to talk about his last furb toward las next week's primary. that is coming up in thh 7:00 hour. a new internal report is released in which bp takes some the blame for the oil spill. he point plenty of fingers at others. >> reporter: in an internal report bp admits it faiied to interpret a key pressure test t the key well whicc later exploded killing 11 minute. what followed as the wwrst offshore sppll in uus. history. according to one expert the report is an early glimpse of bp's future legal ssrategy. >> that isn't to ay that there's no technique work we did to sspport the rrport, particularly in describing the
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it. they also dessribe their their3 theory of what actuaaly went wrong. >> reporter: they blame sooe of its eeployees for misinterpretinggthe integrity well tests. it spreads more blaae to the rig's owner trance ocean. >> they were attempting at leass equally to provide informatiin as well as to make tte point that their partners in the well could be hhld partially, proportionally esponsible. >> reporter: within hourr of the release, trance occasio!trad haliburron accused bp attempting -o shifttattention. but for the ffshermen, they want big oil to e held accountable. >> iits all of them. obama administration has appointed fine berg to see a
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$50 bbllion compensation fund paid for by bpp >> this is emergency money. >> reporterr experts add that bp will se millions in-law suuts and claims and criminal ú%to come. the months and years in new orleans, chris guitierrez. fox news. maryland needs more detaaled goals when it ccmes to cceaning up the bay. that is according to the bay fiewn addition. thh bay restoration plan laaks up goals. while the plan does have the proposal, it's just not clear about what will be done and when. six bay watersheds submitted the cleen up pllns last week under a restoration strategy orderrd by president obama. with the 9 year nniversary -ust a ew ddys away, anne arundel counny is ready to show
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of the ground zero parts ill be made a part of the memorial. >> reporter: tell us who is here. and a lot of people want to do memoriaas like this. tell us how you guys madd it happee. >> sure. ú%ll, first f all it's been a -hat happened was a year ago the bbams from the world trade center. a ttam oo people go up to a3 75,000 square foottairport hangerr >> reporter: and they have to have thee ll. tell us who is here with you right now? >> we have fire chief, bob ray, we have our capital camppign chairman, frank flo florentine d
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the lighting exxert and captain jones. we have all been work on this for a year. >> reporter: i'm going to get especially for you, we knoo how the first espondees were, having this everyyday, what does it mean to you guys. >> it's important for us because it's a recognition of the saarifice that the 345 -irefighters and police officees that day made for the citizens,3 but it is also a recognntion that ur personnel are standing ready tt do that for our cittzens every day that they3 come to work or show up at the station to olume rear torse o. >> reporter: a lot of people willlsee the dedication on 9/11. it's important to see that it is %-it came together veryyquickly -nd it's ready to go for them. >> it's greet that they were able to get it toggther before the anniversary. thankkyou. ddspite the recession, bwi
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thurgood marshal airplane set a record for july. nearly 2.25 million passengees weet through. southwest airlines is the largest airline at the airport and served more than 1 million passengers. the previous record was set in 2001, before thh 9/11 terrorists attacks. coming up a mother says she issfighting for her son. >> i will be my son's voice and getting out oo my notú >> why some say, there's nothing toofight about. %-in baltimore.e hit 91 degrees that melt the record for the hottest summer ever in charm city. i willltell you
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-p 6:15 now on fox 45 morning ú%ws. trying to get a check of our ú%rrcast.33 cooler temperatures on the way. meteorologist tony bag knotty is it's 63 at the inner harbor. only bay a 58 at bwi airport. baltimore.ottest summer ever in we have to go back to 19433when we had 55 degrees ---ratter 55 days oo 90-plus degree weather. wow. 66 as we said at the inner harbor. we have to talk about a reaa drrught problem. 13 days of no rain. we are an inch plus in the deficit. thatthas been causing problem with the heat and the lack of rrin. overall it's been a weatherr3
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extreme here in maryland. no weather extremes today juut a pleasantly delightful day. we have clear skies. look at the temperaturee out to west, still ii the 50s. only 46 in oakland. ú%u''e definitely goinn to need to ut the heet ut in wwstern maryland if you're heading out to school or work. here is the breeze coming in from the northwest that makes the teeperatures feel even3 cooler, but it's a nice change the clouds and radar pictuue on3 future scan, we just have a few clouds this morning breaking up toogive peeks of sunshine and a beautifully sunny day. pleasant conditions, not too pleasant at cape verde. that is thh 9th named tropicallstorm of the season it'ssstilll8,000 miles away from miami. it ttrns into aahurrriane over the weekend as it heads nto the antilles. much too early to say how it will affect our weather. it could ffzzle out by then of the a lot of sunshine and nice
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breeze out of the northwest. here in central maryland,ú pushing 800but still below that. that's about two degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. out at deep creek, alk about a cool day. only degrees with a brisk northwest wind, 15 gustinggup to 22 miles per hour. no ac tonight, open the windows, ennoy, enjoy, ba 58 degrees, and here we go. we are going to stay with the fall like feel through tomorrow. -e start to warm it up. frontal boundary comes through sunday and temperrtures moderate as we work our way toward next week. let's see how the traffic is moderating out there on tths thursday mornnng.ú the traffic edge report,,here is lauren. baltimore this morning, you do calhoun street is shutdown at lauren street following crews are on the scene working to clean up the 0 row homes that were damaged. you do want to stick are carey streettas an alternate rrute. -f you re headed on 895, we're
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road.3 as we take a look, you will notice it's not causing any delayy. ittwill be a smooth ride if you're traaeling through the harbor tunnel.ú%no problems to h you're looking at a ride. route 175 and it's been just confined to the ssoulder. for doessnotly not man oesfortn that area. %-side at liberty road, you'ret look ago at 55 milesser hour %-youuwill notice that cars are moving just fine in the parkville area as well. if you're traveling 83, no problems to report checking in%n road. it will be wide open. you're lloking at a quick, 5-minute ride from shawan roaded to the beltway. the jfx will remain clear from 695 all the ay downtown to east fayette street. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, bacc to you. thank you, lauren. still ahead taking a stand. >i will be my son'ssvoice and
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just like rosa parks, i'm not gettiig out of my seat. >> what this woman s standinn [ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich.
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there's innernational conceen over the plan 9/11 protests to burn the koran day held by a florida pastor. we have reaationnfrom all across the globe. >> wherever americans areeseen, they will bb killed no matter they will be killed. >> reporter: that warning comes from a muslim cleric in afganistan just days before a florida pastor plans to burn the koran. jonee planned actiin has sparke3
6:22 am
outrage in kabul. >> we won't be able to control -ur peoplee we are muslims and we will do whatever we will be able to do. >> reporter: speaking out of a tiny worship center, defiant jones refuses to back down. >> something is wrong. it's possibly time for us in a %->> reporter: a central uu, florida imam whose religion pastor jones belieees is of the devil is pleading for canceelation of the eeent. >> we think he can express his feeeings in a diiferent way, in a more civilized way in a dialogue anddi'm sure that the world would listtn to his point of view. >> it ddesn't in anywaa represent america or americans or american government or american religious and political leadership. >> reeorter: even german ooposition. -p>> i find it in a few words oy
6:23 am
simply disrespecttul and imply wrong. >> reeorter: aa officials from the u.s. and beyond react, theetension is palpable. >> it's a very small group but the perception viewing outside it will be big and it's very dangerous. >> reporter: the state department has ordered u.s. embassies worldwide to assess their security ahead of saturday's event. it's not clear that such embassiee have completed such a review, but americans in algeeia have already been alerted. -p the president has a plan. economy back on track.ú and later violence erupts in %-the surprising neighborhood
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the president gave his second speech of the week and unveiled lans to get the economy back on trackfu track. april williams has details ii slide, stocks rrgained ground on wednesday after the strength of the overseas banks eased. hooever, early gains remembee ttmpered by the federal reserve book report that indicates economic growth anddslowing. tte dow cclsed at 10,387. the s&p 500 gained 7 poonts. bb stoccs got a boost on wednesday after theyylifttd the company's rating 3 notches to a. the it reflectssthe threat of oil leaking rom a bp well resulting from the oil explosion
6:27 am
in the gulf of mmxico. that they rrleassd thesame day invvstigation into the aacident indicating that a sequence of failures involving a number of companies and teaas were responsible ffr the explosion and subsequent oil spill. presiddnt obama continued its trip on wednesday in cleveland, ohio. ú% proposed extending a tax breakkfor americans earninn lesú than $250,000 a year hile ending thh tax breaks ffr the wealthiest americans. -'m april williams. streets with back the the former police commissioner weighs in on whether or not he thinks the new crime plan could work. a man is sttbbed and left for eaa in baltimore county. i'm megan gilliland. the searrh for the suspect ss3 straight ahead. i'm joel d smith live in anne arundel county whereea new 9/11 memorial was ú%
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time.33 %-9/11 memorial in anna rendell county. joel d smith is out there. he is going to bring us much more information about that in a iffw minutes. -hey were able to get that we will find out more details.
6:31 am
i'm patrice harris. we need the details about this weather, very nice. meteorologist tooy ppgnotti ii here who is in for steve fertig. everybody who wakes up, it's cool compared to what we have. i know you love itthot. she loves it hot, and she is one i don't care that we melted a record in 2010. >> the farmers almanac said that we're going to have anotter cold wiiter. i woold hang on to 90s for as long as i possibly can. >> we are going to have people3 complaining that it's too cold and snowy. we will show yyu on the headlines that we do have indeed a record-brraking summer. yesttrday we hit 91 downtown. 50 plus days of 90 degrees. haadto go back to 43, melted a record, whippy, hottest summer
6:32 am
some of the those winds are going to kick up by this afternoon gusting to 15 miles perrhour but you'reegoing to enjoy the pleasantly, eautiful, almoot a fall like compared to of 77. what do you say we cheek out the roadways right now and seeewhat is happening with lauren cooke. >> thank yoo, tony. fortunately the debris has cleared from southbound lanes of 895 at moravia road. we have dealing with aa accident at moravia road at route 40 that ú%u want to watch out for. no problems to report for those of you traveling on the harrisburg expressway as weetake a look at shawan road. it will be wide open, a nice and easy ride as ww make our way toward the beltway. aal is nice and clear from 95 to 83, you're looking at an 11--minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. traffic is starting to pick p we're still looking at a 12 minute trip with an average speed of 55 miles per hour.
6:33 am
northeast corridor from 95 to the eltway. you'reelook ago th look lookinge ride..3 >> the searchhis on this morning for a suspect who stabbed a man. it happeneddat reisterstown early this morning. megan ggllillnd is live from the scene where police are lookingú for whoever did this, good patrice. of route 11by an 150 and frankln boulevard. this is nnrmally a very safe theesite of a crime scenee the man stabbed and left for dead. the suspect still out there somewhere. morning. police are not sure if this was a robbery attempt, but they do believe a ffght brokk out before that victim was staabed. life-threatening at this point. ú%e perssn responsible still on the loose this morning. police are investinn right now. no word on any suspects at this
6:34 am
point. we will bring yyu an update if and when they released any ú%formation orreven a description on that suspect. information on that tabbing in baltimore county, police are asking that they you ccll them %-patrice, back to you. police don't have a lot of leads at this point. >> reporter: no and attthis point the crime has been cleared. we don't see any officers returninggto the scene.ú the evvdence they have collected, they are looking over we will let you know if we hear >> megan reporting in reisterstown thank you. it happened at nnrth howard ssreet near mlk boulevard. from a stab wound at that location. so far there's no word on a suspeet or his condition. p>> aaman is charged n the death of his ex-wife after her body is discovered in a ouse fire. policc say 34-year-old damon
6:35 am
white fatally stabbed sella wind during a disputeeon tuesday and then he set the columbia condo on fire. >> you can't look at somebody and say, oh, they're an abusive person, because it's not written on their forehead..3 it's not wriiten across their chest. so you would never believe that this man was capable of doing something like that. >> white was lso hurt in the inciient. he is at shock trauma in critical but stable condition. police say he will be taken into custody as soon as he is cleared for release. the suupect charged with shooting and killing a man stopped at an anne arundel traffic light. james king murdered another man in road rage incident. bonn but a week ago king'sithout atttrney asked for another another bond review. a bond was set for the next day
6:36 am
and king posted wwthout a bail review hearingg prosecctors learned about the incident yesterdayyafter king had alreadd been released. a earing is scheduled today about whether to rescind that bond. a girl accused of shooting a man last month will be charged as an adult. arteesha hhlt shot reyes when she tried to rob him and another man. holt pulled the gun at the men because they laugheddat her when ú%e demanded the oney. holt's brother is being charggd as an accessory. two doccors accused off3 taking part in a botched abortion are till unabll to practice in maryland this morning. hearings were eld shepherd and %-their licenses suspended after aa abortion wherr an 18-year-old patient could have died. the 3rd doctor involvvd in
6:37 am
license to operate in maryland. they have been ordered to cease all opeeations. we know that he had been submitting abortions since january and storing the babies up to 35 weeks in a freezer. it's deplorable and nobodyyknew about it. >> there will be another hearing later this month for the two docttrs who were suspended. other doctor faced action from the bore of physicians yesterday. dr. ferrer's license was suspended. the doctor who had an office in anne arundel county was accused of several violatiinnsduring an abortion. the procedure ended with a death of a 21-year-old woman. the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks is just days awayy a tribute to those that died there is taking place. theyywill use actual pieces of the world ttaae center as a part of the new monument.
6:38 am
we are live with some of those good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, a very impressive memorial and we have a committee showing it off. it's worth showing off. ú%e idea is joon leopold year ago. it came togethhr in a year. how did that happen so fast. i called a couple of3to take contractors, wilson and garner and garner and landscaping were instrumenttl to making this happen. ú% reporter: a lot of folks have donated their own efforts to this. >> a lot of people haveedonate their efforts. >> repooter: all the money that came in for this was donnted. frrnk you helped to put together someeof thhse elementss what do you think makes this special. >>the fact that it's from he world trade center lets %-do in the future to mmintain 3
6:39 am
freedom. >> reporter: the lightning, what arr the -- >> we try to bring the moon light from the background. i think the beams are very vet cal.ú they show a v n the sense that we're going to vercome some of these terrorists things that are happennng. fine folks from the fire and from police just that see this every day, just more inspiration for them as well. the offiiial dedication is on saturday the anniversary of 9/111 a small sign in the window of a north carolina restaurant is now grabbing national attention. the sign says screaming children will not be tolerated. kelly was at the restaurant when she noticed the restaurant. the sign is a clear viilation of the american with disabilities acttbecause it discriminates against her autistic son.
6:40 am
%-nice atmosphere for theirate a ccstomers and she wasn't there with her child at the time that she started complaining. ú%'s only a hypothetical situation. ú% you are sin sing ling them o. i said autism is not a word there. ú% i ccnnot believe ou take him ú% public. you must be the nly one who does. >> the owner points out that no one will be kicked out onll asked to step outside until their child calms down. coming p, all new electric cars are hitting te road. what tt consider before investing in a gasoline free -ifestyle. and traffic issstartinggto pick up on the west side of the bet way at liberty road. i will have more on the ú%
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ú%> we have a very cool, dry forcast. unfortunately too dry,,we haven't had raan f 13 dayy. we're about an inch below innthe deficit. it's been a dry summer as we have been saying, thh all time record indeed of the hottest summer since 1943. so we have been in the heat and
6:44 am
we have been in the dryness and todayywe're going to be rewarded with a beautifully pleasant day. 63 right now at the nner harbor. 46 at the cool spot in oakland. taking a look, here is the breeze that is goinn to be coming down our backs witt beautiful sunshine. it's going to feel like fallout there when you factor in in this morning in afterroon. just a nice, nice bbt f a wind out of the northwest. ú%u will seeehot, this is how september should be iffyou likeú the cooler stuff and don't like the eat like we had all summer. 77 degrees on the easterr shore. delightful in eastern maryland. at 10-15 miles per hour. tonight open the windows, tte ac turn it off. ditto tomorrow. we goo two days, even cooler %-comes, ou will see a few flis
6:45 am
innthe ointment. we neee some rain. let's hope we can get some latee on sunday and temperature -oderating through the rest of %-you just had the weather, here is lauren with the traffic edge report..33 >> reporter: thank you, tony. we do have some problems in baltimorr city, north calhoun street issshutdown at lauren street following yesterday's four-alarm fire. crews remain on the scene cleaning up damage from the 10 row homes that were severely burned. so you do want to stick with carey street as an alterntú we are dealing with an accident onnthe martin luther king boulevard at pennsylvaniaú avenuu. all is clear traveling through the fort mar mchenry and the harbor tunnel. along the southbound lanes justg fine. it will remain cleer if you're traveling on the beltway in parkville. here is a live look at harford road. you can sse cars are moving along the inner and outer loop as you make your way toward towson just fine. we are dealing with congestion
6:46 am
on the west side at liberty you're lookth at a 13-minute ride from 795 to ú
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6:48 am
new this morning, a man is stabbed and left for dead at reisterstown. it happened early this morning at the intersection of franklin boulevard.ú police aren't sure if ii was a robbery attempt, but they do knoo a fight broke out before the person was stabbed. the person responsible is still on the loose..3 a maryland man is killed in the afganistan. chris valley was a former marine who returned to the miidle east as a private security he was from randallstown and he was planniig to get married and ú% returnee home. a maryland lawmaker is accused of taking unfair advantage of tax laws and it could be costing attorney and
6:49 am
taxpayers money. they have learned that he is receiving homestead taxes on his home in the city and hill property. for him it's a saving of more than $6,000 on the property tax bills but tate tax law allows the tax for only one primary residence. everyone is looking for ways to combat crime n the city. baltimore's churches think they have a plan. they're launching operation good ú%ith. they're viewinggto take on 5 city blocks around them to patrol, clean up and be accountable for. will their higher calling make a difference or will the city continue for some to be hell on earth. ed norris joins us for today's undercover. it sounds like a good plan. but it sounds like the thing that you want to hear from the people on the community we want to get involved. when yoo hear on the surface, we
6:50 am
-round us.3e care of tte blocks >> it sound great. as i wws reading the plan, i will believe when it happens. >> what had he want to do -- what they want to do is gooto doorrto door and refer people to the treatment program or if they need help getting jobs, but you sound skeptical. >> i'm very skeptical. i find any plan, a church plan, therr's always a follow-uu of the iiitial effort. i would like to see what theyú are doing, go door to door and %-go on the nighhly walks, howo long are thee going to cootinue and what are you doing on the it sounds like good intentionss >> but it's not just one church, it's supposed to be asú many churches as possible. i think they have 50 signed up throughout the baltimore regiin. out, how far will that go to helping reduce the crime that we're seeing in the city.
6:51 am
>> tt get involved and it helps people get jobs and drug addiction and homelessness and things like that, that would be great. >> even something, maybe, all of %-those services but at the leat they'ree oing to clean up the trash in those four blocks. they want to get rid some of the plaaes where they can stash drugs and they want to get a place and nobody is watching. even ttat little bit will hat make a difference. is it going to be every nnggttor once or twice a week. is it going to be every single night innbig groups, sure itú could help. the police in this too.úbefore 3 call 10 times and they would the police are vowing to be ab a part of. they're saying if you call us or you call -- what is also the councilmember who got this started, we will follow-up on %-we ill ggve you an uudate to
6:52 am
what happenn. how are the poliie going to have the manpower to follow-up on everything thht goes on like that ssme. >> that's my problem. i don't see how every church is going to have enough people to -o door to door. this city is prrtty dirty. trash up everyyday all thh time, every month, every year. i just don't see how it'ssgoing to happen. >> we have a lot of questions to ask. >> i would love for them to prove me wrong. >> thank you. p>> you can hear eddnorris monday hrough friday on ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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are electric cars going to ú-dependency on u.s. the much anticipated chevy voot
6:55 am
issexpected to be available in november and the nissan lee will go on sale in december. there's a lttto consider before you get charged enough to buy electric car, he convertedo ownn he can go 20 miles on a charge, so he can pllns his trip carefully. >> i se it back and ffrth for ú% travel. >> reporter: electric cars limited driving range is the key consideratton says consumer reports. the chevy volt can go 40 miles3 oo electric charge, but it does go another 300 miles n a tank of gas. tte nissan lead, powered solely by an electric battery has a %-to be plugged it needs >> driving is not the only thing that is going to drain your battery, the wipers and even
6:56 am
playing your radio. >> reporter: recharge timm is another important consideration. on a regular household 110-volt outlet, the chevy bolt takes with the nissan's largerrgg. batteries, you need about 16 hours. the chevy volt retails for $21,000. and the nissan 36,600.ú there's a $7,500 tax credit available for both. >> this car shows a lot of promise. the ability to reduce gasoline but here's a lot to consider. >> reporter:: this is james andrews. coming uppin our 7:00 hour, -e has got less than a week left to campaign. baltimore counny executive candidate oe bartenfelder joins live instudio to ffll us in on his final push toward the
6:57 am
primmry. a man left stabbed and left for dead here n baltimore county..3 it'' the newest 9/11ú i'm joel d smith live in anne arundel you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at
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now on fox 45 morning news. violence erupts in a normally quiet community. the surprising neighborhood
7:00 am
-here a victim was stabbed and what may havv leddto he incident. the primaries are less than a week away. baltimore county execuuive candidate joe bartenfelder joins us live instudio to weigh in on back to school and back to relationships. how to know when to gee involved in your teee's love life. ú good morning. it's thursday, ú%ptember 9th. and how retty is that sunrise right there. thht's in baltimore countt race reisterstown arra. we will ee hot day today but it won't be as hot as it has been. tony pagnotti is in for steve fertig. did i get thattright. >> beautifully, back to you, patrice. ú% i was inspiree by the sunshine there. >> it was a beautiful shott
7:01 am
we ill see a lot of sunshine and the first times you might want to take a light sweater. when was the last time that we said that. it's bben the hottest summer since. 1943, we have broken a record and melted record and have the headlines to prove it now. going back to 43 that was the summer but that was melted yesterday. the record for the hottest summer we had 55 days of 90-degree plus. todayywe are on the othhr side of thht. a cool start to thee orning at bwi. dew point at 488 tte winds are going to be a factor, a nice breeze and a windy gust about 8-22 miles per hour later on this afternoon but look for the suushine yoo saw on the sunrise throughout the day topping ut at 77 degrees. well, let's get an update on the ú%adways this thuusday mornnng. we have trouble on the harrisburg expressway where we
7:02 am
have an aacident. the beltway will remain cleer down to east fayette street. we're dealing with a bit of congestion on the outer loop lanes will be very slow. you're lookiin at a 13-minute hour.from 795 to 95 withhan andd f you are traveling ffom 95 to 833 that will take you 12 minutes but a little higher of an average speed of 55 miles per hour. it will be a slow ride raveling on the northeast corridor of 95, beltway youure look at a 6--inute trip with an average speed of 38 iles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. p>> 7:02 on fox 45 morning news. a man is stabbed and left for dead in reisterstown. it happened early this morning. while the victtm fights for his liie theeperson responsible is still on the looss. megan gilliland is live on the scene where police are still searching for the suspect.
7:03 am
>> reporter: we are at frrchg lane boulevarfranklin boulevard. this is usually a safe area. crimee the suspect outttherr somewhere3 -his morning.3 it happened at 12:30 this morning. police are not sure if this was a robbery attempt. theyydo believe that the fight broke out before tte victim was stabbed. his injuries are life-threatening at this point. the person responsible is still on the loose thhs morning. police are investtgating right now. no word on any suspects at this point. we will bring you an updatt if3 and when police release a -escription of any suspect. meanwhile, if you have any information on the stabbing his morning ballimore county police are asking that you call them right away. -atrice, back to you. leads or are they getting any ú%lp from whoevvr it was called >> reporrer: they have not released anything to us. they have collected a lot of evidence. everything has been cleared. %-right now but as ar as any
7:04 am
suspects or description, they this point. city firefighters are called to a late nic night blaze in downtown baltimore. the two-alarm fire broke out neaa madison and when they arrived on the scene. firefighters found smooe and flames coming and it extend to tteebuilding next door. there's no injuries and the cause remains under investigations.ú a man is chargee in the death of his ex-wife after her fire.ú during a domestic ddspute. then he allegedly et her columbia condo on fire. >> you cannot look at somebody and say, they're an abusive person because it's not written on their forehead. it's not written acroos their you would never believe that this man was capable of doing
7:05 am
innidentt he is at shock trauma in critical but stable condition. police say he will be taken intt custody as soon as he is cleared for release. of murrering a man last month will e charged as an aault. arteeshia holt hol shot reyes wn holt's brrther ssawn palmer is bbing charged as annaccessory. two doccors accused of abortion are still unable to practice in maryland this ú%rningg hharings were held for shepherd and riley. their licenses wwre uspended in cecil county where a 21 ears ld could have diedd
7:06 am
the 3rd doctor doesn't even ú%ve a license to operate in maryland. we know that he was conducting operations as early as january and hen storing the babies up to 35 in a freeeer. it's deplorable and nobody knew about it? >> there will be another hearing lattr this month for the two doctors that were suspended. dr. ferrer's license was suspended. he is accused of severals during an abortion. of a 21-year-oll woman. -p federal investigatorssare %-ii the number of rapeecases tt baltimore pollce throw out or label as unfounded. they will look into the sat tis tickstatistiis during a meetingt tuesday. they will consider national numbers. >> we want to make surr that every case is treated with the seriousness that it deserves.
7:07 am
there's a question as toowhether the police or local police are treating the victims as victims or whether they are looking for ways not to pursue a case. >> baltimore authorities are currently cooducting an audit themselves and a spoke man for3 the mayor says he plans to follow tte national discussion and uue thh findings to improve investigative techniques in the city. a popular souvenir is beingg called a hazzrd ffr pilots. a laser can distort what a pilot sees innthe cockpit. problems with people pointiig lacers at the helicopters all this summer. >> the flight crew becomes laser, the otal control of the >> police say it's been happening about once a week. while there's no specific laws dealing with it, violators could be charged with hindering police. with the nine year
7:08 am
annnversary just a few days ú%aa, anne arundel county is3 ready to show tt respect to the joel d smith is live with ctual pieces of tte world trade center as part of that tribute. >> reporter: if you are here yoo got to come and see this. executivv john leopold is here with me. and we had - john, when you saw ú%is idea, what made you think this could work here in anne arundel county. why did you wann ii here. >> i wanted to thann the first responders who went in there and some of them lost their own lives. iiwant to thank wilson for bringing in the beams from the new york. it's a way to say thank you for the first responders in honor of the saccifice of the men and women who died. it's a constant reminder that we have to be jjl vigilaat that we
7:09 am
%-the world won't remember whate >> reporter: how ifficult was it for them to get it. >> wilson went uppto new york and brought them back. >> reporter: they are available only for meeorials at tonight in. iiwant to talk to you right now. what does it mean to have something llke this in your own backyard. >> i come by it. i have been dropping by it. i volunteer and i hhve my vehicles here. he i have come and touched it. itts piece of my family, you know. it's a memorial. it's like bringing the arizona to anne arundel county. it'ssa pieceeof history. about here your cousin. >> my cousin was a ladder 12. he went in aftery evacuating the marrrott. -e went in on a ay day call to rescue another firefighter and one of the buildings ollapsed on him.3
7:10 am
>> reporter: thank you for coming here. he is actually on his way to new york to be a part f the ceremonies there. no matter what,,whenever he drives by here, whether it's on 9/11 or any other day of the year, he will remember his cousin and remember that everybody else here is paying triiute to him now. ú%ve in miller millerser miller5 morning news. hank ou,,joel. closing in the seetember3ú primaries. baltimore executive candidate joe bartenfelder is here to talk about his caapaign wiih just days left in the race. yesterday we hit 91 degrees in charm city. for the summer of -- the hottest summer ver. can you believe it? much [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
7:11 am
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0 lcome book to fox 45 morning neww. 7:45 morning news. 7:12 is the time. we will get a cceck of our forecast. steppeforecast. tony pagnotti is in for stephen fertig. we are going to bb walking on sunshine. a beautiful sunrise a hile ago. 51 at the inner harbor. airport. aa the thurgood marshal much channe in whaa we have had. we need some rain in hhre olks, 13 days with no rain. a trace, about a week ago. we are still an inch below and that is causing problems in addition to the big heatwave, the hotttst summer 2010 sinceú 1943. 55 dayssof 90 plus ays. ú%thing to show you on the radar satellite picture, no rain on the forecast.3 65d.c. %-dragging down some very cool
7:14 am
canadiannaar today. we will be getting a breeze3 gusting up to maybe 15-20 miles per hour. it will be windy? it will feel like fall today compared o where we haae been. a lot of clouds anddsunshine and blue skies. thissis how it should be if you like coolness ii the air and get rid of the heat we have in the summer of 2010. a lot of sunshine here n centrallmmayland. we will call ii aaound 78. down at the inner harbor it might get to 80. -he winds out oo the northwest at 10-15 miles per hour. western marylann delightful day ú% deep creek lake. 74 degrees, winds west, 10-15153 gusting too25. tonight open the windows, no ac needed. -8 degrees for the overnight low. if you like today, you'reegoing
7:15 am
to like tomorrow. maybe a couple of degrees cooler. look attthe over temperatures in 50 degrees. the frontallboundary comes through sunday. we need some rain, we could thh seven-day forecast. the same thing up and down on the roadways this morning. let's get the latest from lauuen cooke in that traffic edge report. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we are dealing with a good bit of congestion on the west ide of the bet way. you do want to watch out for debris along the outer loop as you approach interstate 70. for those of you traveling interstate road, take a look at the out her loop laaessit will e very sllw. if you're using the beltway in parkville, here is a look at harford road. you will notice the outer loop lanns are going to e prettyy3 slow here. that will continue s we mmke the push toward providence road. for those of you traveling the -arrisburg expressway, we're dealing with a crrsh along middletown road. weeare looking at at jfx will remain clear..3 an intersectioo at ortheastern
7:16 am
parkway attcharles street. those of you in west baltimore. you want to see where calhoun strret and shutting down fourralarm fire. crews are working on the scene. you do want tt stick can carey street as an alteenate route. %-whitemarsh.oving througg at nooth of the beltway, it will be a slow ride only looking at 50 miles per hour there. that's the traffic edge report. still ahead, a controversial plan to burn copies of the muslim holy book. we take a ccserr closer look ate churrh's actions could impact and hy joe bartenfelder 3
7:17 am
7:18 am
despite thh reeession, thurgood marshal airport sets a perssnal best in july. passed through there. they have southwest aiiline for serving more than a million of those passengers. ú%e previous record was setback in august off2001, beforr the 9 wil9/11 terrorists attacks.
7:19 am
-p marrland needs no more des goals when it comes to the clean up the bay. the foundation says that while the plan does have good proposal it's not clear about what will be done and when. six-day watershed submitttd their clean up plans last week under a strategy rdered bb president obama.ú ú%> thousands of nnw jobs, jobs that our county needs. that is family friendly. >> with the november elections just around the corner, the fight over slots and anne arundel county is heating up. the a group supporting he slott parlor near arundel mills mall has puu out a new ad. %-a es vote approoes zoning foa casino at the mall. joe bartenfeldee wants to be the next county executivee he has days left to convince voters that he is the man for the job and his challenge kevin
7:20 am
kamenetz is not. %-whose record and ideas areverú better for the county. and joe bartenfelder joins us thissmorning. >> good orning to ou, too. >> we had jury challenger kevin kamenetz. i'' going to ask you the same question that we opened with him. what makes you best person for this? >> the voters are goiig to ultimately decide that. one of the things i have on my state level at the members of the house of delegate and served in the appropriation committee and for the next couple of years we have tough financial times the state has tough budget deccsions to make. ultimately decisions that they -ake there will get back to tte ressdents throughout the state. given that, i think it's important to have that knowledgg of what is going on in nnapolis and have the relationship there
7:21 am
%-so when these decisions are me we're a part of ttat and we're at the table. outside of economy, which %-that goes on in the coonty, we there other main issues that you county executive? >> the top issues re always the same. we have to run governmentú efficiently aad effectively, bu3 -t the same timm, the taxpayers need the services hat they deserre from the taxes that they -ay. education is a top priority and what we have to do is focus on not only makkng sure thht our go to college giie them the vocctional training while they're in high school tt make sure they can productive jobs in the workforce. there's been campaign ads all over the place lately aad you're
7:22 am
opponent is ccallenging some of that you got funding for schools, that you vvted against a pay raise and you're good for the eevironment. what dooyou say about those challenges against you? >> one the things we have done is that we have made sure that it's not going in the gutter. onnour maalers that were sent3 -ut i sought positive leadership rather than negative ads. with the pay raise issue, %-was opposed to it.ont that i i voted against it.ú in fact, another one of the councclmen, my opponent he vote3 against it, too. ú%y was already in line with the legislators in annapolis make. it was just enough for that jobú >> joe bartenfelder you're in the home stretch. we appreciate you in this -p>> thank you verr much to get the latest next week's primary
7:23 am
and the november election just go to two alarm fires in the city. how many homes were involved and why the weatter may be partially to blame. next burning copies of koran, the cockledoodledooooo!
7:24 am
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ a pastor in florida is koran on this saturday, the 9th anniverrary of the seppember 11 attacks. it's a protess against radical muslims, but the plans have angered people all across the globb. shawn casey and frank luber from ú%e morning show joinn us right now to discuss it. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, patrice.
7:26 am
>> good morning, patrice. >> i can hear you guys.3 can ou hear mme >> we are hhving technical difficulties so we will have to >> shawn, and frank, can you hear me? %-but they can't ear ouu show. we will have to try to check with them later. 7:26 is the time. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all locaa all morning. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>welcome back to fox 45 news.
7:29 am
hyou are taking a look at a new they were able to put the finishing touches yesterday, and they will have aadedication on saturday. ú%el d smith will tell us what it took to put that in place. first we need to get a look at our forecast, one that a lot of people are going to like. and tony page foo foot! pagnottr steve. since april we have had almost two months of 90-degree weather. today if you have been sick of úummertime, let's get tt nice we have a beauty for you folks. you're not going to sweat. whhn was the last time when you3 could take a sweater what you head out. we had 50s. >> i felt it. >> i put the heater on in the
7:30 am
morning. i don't think yyu will need the heater but you wwll need a sseeter ann get rid of it y day'ssend because we have nice,ú pleasant breezy conditions. we will put it in the headline for you. officially 2010. the summer of 2010, the hottest ever since 1943. we have had 55 days of 90-degree plus weather since april. officially beginnertime didn't that is what the weather service said. we could still get more, as we caa't rule out 900degrees in the daas and weeks ahead. cool and at bwi thurgood marshal airport. humidity 72% winds, too gusting up to 72 miles per hour outtof the northwest. no summer heat today. is theelovely lauren cooke fromú the traffic edge report. >> reporter: thaak you, tony. we are dealing with a new accident this morning. it's goinggto be along the southbound lanes of interstate
7:31 am
97 there at the beltway.3 for those of you traveling the %-interstate 70.tch out for checking and taking a live ook at liierty road, you will notice at a 13-minute ride from 795 to 95. traffic is staating to pick up along the outer loop from 955to 83, where you're look at a 16-minute ride with an afternoon speed of only 38 millssper hour. it will be slow ride on the northhast corridor of 95, from whitemarsh boulevard to the belttay, you're loo looking at e 12-minuut trip. that's the traffic edge report. -ack to you. the search is on for a suspect who staabed a man and -eftthim for dead. early this morning. megan gilliiand is live at the scene where police are still searching for the ssspect, good morning, megan. >> reporter:: good morning, patrice and good morning to all of you. we're at the inteesectioo oo
7:32 am
route 140 and franklin boulevard at reisterstown. this is normally a very safe area, this morning the sitt of a crime scene. a man stabbed, left for ead. the suspect still out there somewhere. it happpned around 12:30 this morning. police are not sure if this was a robbery attempt, but they do believe a fight broke out before the ictim as stabbed. his injuries are life-threattning at this point. the person responsible s still on the loose this morning. police are investigating right now. no word on any suspects at this %-we will bring you an update ii and hen police release a description of any suspect..3 meanwhile, if you have any information on the stabbing, baltimore county police are asking that you call them right away. %--'m megan gilliland.orning, fox 45 morning news. city police are called to the scene of a stabbing in downtown baltimore. it happened at 1:30 this morning at north howard street near mld boulevard.3 officered found a man sufferrng
7:33 am
from a stab wound at that location. so far there's no word on the suspect or his condition. %-fourralarm bllzes.r, different ú%e first fire broke out at 4:30 in the afternoon..3 when mergency crews arrived on the scene they found hree row homes in north calhoun involved in the flames. then the flames quickly spread across the street sending five luckily all but one oo those homes involved was vacant. minutes later, less than a3 quarter of a mile away on north perry street two more homes caught fire. %-investigators say there's a gd blame for spreading the fire. to >i don'' know what is going on -- whatever it is. whatever happened people should fires like these. >> that's the way it is. they don't fix them up, they burn them up. firecrews were called back to the scene at calhoun street
7:34 am
after the flames rekindled. they were put out a half an hour later. the cause of an acid spill in southwest baltimore remains under investigation this morning. authorities say 55 gallons of hydroclohydrochloric acid spilld yesterday. the chemicaa is highly toxic. two people were checked out on the scene, both were okaa. no other injuries were reporred. hazmat teams were able to clean up the sppll. a maryland man is killed in afganistan. 25 years old chris valley was a -ormer marine who returned to the middle east as a privvte security contractor. he was from ran dalla randallsts planning to get married when he returned. the suspecc charged with shooting and killing a man
7:35 am
light is out on bail this morning. a judge ordered him helddwithout bond but week ago king's attorney asked for anooher bond review. a new bond was set and posted without a bail review hearing. prosecutors learned about the incident yesterday aftee ing had been rrleased. a hearing is scheduled today -bout whether to resccnd that bood. lawsuit will be filed against leopold today. the plaintiff paints a clearer picture of the so-called county executive who she says will go to great lengths tooget what he wants. the suit claimm ttat leopold would useebinocularssto scope out attractive women and order pplice officers to run down their license plates. >> he would ask the guard, the police officer, anybody e had to get the information to that
7:36 am
person. >> the lawsuit claims leopold -sed fear and intip addition to keep employ ---intimidation to keep employees quiet. a mar mmryland lawmaker is accused of taking unnair advantage of tax laws. is getting tax credits in his3r property in the city. it's a savings of more than $6,000 in the latestttax bills. but the law only allows the credits for one primary residence. the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks s days away. a local tribute to the heroes of that day is takinggplace. anne arundel memorial will use -ctual pieces as part of the new monument. joel d smith is live in mill lettersville wit!!!!millersville
7:37 am
bringing the memoriaa to livee3 roz th.the pieces are here. tte contractors that made this happen. here is the designer and also a it should mean a lot to you. tell me about how you came up with this idea. >> the idea is to get it come up out of the broken rubble. we use it to make -..3 >> reporter: i mean, we see of having them come out likert that. >> we wanttd the pieces to be vertical to represent the tower this was a memorial to the whole day actually. the next phase of work will have remembering the pentagon and the other planes that went own. so. >> reporter: you got to be happy with this. you think of it in your head, what is it like to seeeit right here right now.
7:38 am
complete. >> reporterr you guys worked with the misting elements and was it a challenge to do this? >> it was an honor to do this, number oon. it's always challenging to work on sometting liie this to get t right. %-take a look at everythhng.ú i was shocked. it's incredible. the lighting will light the girders and the mist add a nice, subtle effect to make sure that people will have great place to remember what happened. >> reporter: it's nice to see that the community came together to donate their own time nd a3 %-they raised for this all camet from donors. patrice, really amazing, how they built this thing in two %eeks. night. >> joel, it looks great. i know verybody there is excited about being able to be
7:39 am
celebrate -- to celebrate and remember this weekend. >> reporter: not hearing you patrrce. back to you. p>> joel, thank you. coming updating starts earll these days. how to talk to your kids about romantic relationships. here is a live look at an accident on 97 at the beltway. i will let you knowwwhat kind
7:40 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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>>back in school, and ou know what that means, the eather kid -ednesday is back in sessson. if you would like your kid to be a part offour weather kid wednesday program, just have your teacher, principal, ccunselor send the nomination to 2000 west 1st street, baltimore 2121. 21211. tony pagnotti calls the hhmself the bigottest weather ki biggesd here. dew points very dry, 48. but we got to talk about something else that was very dry. almost two weees of no rain. we had a measely trace about a week ago..3 when you factor in the dry iners, pluand50 plus days of 90e
7:43 am
global warming rearing its ugly head. nothing to show you this morning but we do have cool tstles temps especially out west. a fall feel in the irr 61 in ccarm city, 5 in the district of columbia. and we also have a breeze thatt3 is going to be coming down from3 pressure is going to keep us in, it's a real feel good dayytoday. you're not going -- maybe a sweater his morring because in the suburbs we have been in the 50s. still we will try to break 60s.3 sunshine and no rain in the forecast to maybe sunday, ú%ere's a lot of rain way out there. how about cape verde. this is a nice named tropical storm of the season, igor. ooinouu name. it's a hurricane toward the weekend as it heads toward the it's definitely too early to say how it will affect our weather.
7:44 am
we will keep you posted on fox 45. 77 degrees, beautiful day on the eastern shore. central maryland against uuper 70s, winds out f the northwest, 10-15 milee per hhur and in western maryland, deep creek lake, what a beautiful day out there 74 degrees. winds 10-15 miles per hour. 58 degrees, point another greaa night for sleeping. you open up the windows and cutú out the ac and can't rule out, maybe 90s still but not in thee3 seven--ay ffrecast. september we will enjoy fall like weather. here comes a chance of rain, 40 of on sunday before we get to back to the low 80s on monddy. let's check the roadways right nowwother this thursday with another updatt, here is lauren and the track edg traffic edge . >> reporter: thank you, and it's going to be an accident on theebeltway. as we check in and take a live look at the scene. a little bit of volume but not causing too many delays in the3 area.
7:45 am
watch out or debris along outer loop as you approach interstate 70. as you take a live look at liberty road, you will nooice quite a bit of congestion, with speeds clocking in at 11 miles you will notice the outer loop will be sloo. that will ccntinue as yoo make the push toward providence road. nooproblems to report froo 695 down to eest fayette street. we're dealing with a traffic light at the intersection of east nnrthern parkway at charles -treet. for those of you in northwest baltimore keep in mind that north calhoun is in following yesterday's massive fire. crews will remain on scene to clean up all the damagg. you will stick with ccrey street thank yyu, lauren. still ahead young love. it seems that kids start dating younger and younger these days. annexperttis here if our studii ffr our take action thhrsddy. if you have a question about teenage relationships. our phone lines are open now at
7:46 am
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7:48 am
kids are backkin school and as much as parents would like tú think they're 100% focused on the books, they're also focused on one or two of their classmates. teen and preteen romances are blossoming. what cn parents do to keep ú%ose under control. wif you have questions about teens and prrteens in3 relationships, you can give us a call. >> good morning to you. p> good morning. >> parrnts don't like to think about this opic, but they have to. what do they need to talk about with the kids? >> there's three main points
7:49 am
parents need to let them know. communicate with the teens. i do not mean no to sex and talk about your experiences. where did your relationships work and what was it dating as a teen for you. be open and honest with their teens and they can bring pretty much anything to you. you may not always agree but you ú%ways want to hear. >> you said, don't always just xactly. >> but you do need to have the sex talk. >> kids do need informmtion other how to protect themselves. >> on what age, it's so young -hese days. >> i think you take t on stages. i have a 9 years old. right now we are gging to body parts and what love means, look at mommyyand daddy. when you come to preteens, you3 start talking about who are your frindfriends doing.
7:50 am
p> what are signs that parents can look out for, because even though you want your kids to e up frrnt with you and tell you everything, you don' they don't. %-look at and you got somethingn going on. >> a lot of times you are not get to know theirs friends. definitely get to know heir -eachers and the environment at school. -onitor computers.s. don't just give up on those things. aaso be honest with your kids about what you want for them in the future, how you want them to view relationships, talk morals, and talk about their expectations when it comms to relationships. >> you also said you have to be realistic. the kids are ot going to not haveefriends and start to have those kinds of feelings. >> yeah, you have to be realistic. once you know there's a girlfriend or boyfriend in thh picture, roll the person into the family.3 exactly. >> the mistake a lot of people
7:51 am
do, i don't want you to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, they pushhit away. when they push ittaway, they can't monitor it. invite him or her to dinner. that way you can stay on top of >> my dad ttld e i can't date until i was 35 [ laughter ] >> well, we are going to take your phone calls after the break. teenage relationships, our phone lines are open now at (410)481-4545. you can also send us a weet 3
7:52 am
7:53 am
we areeback with relationship expert laddn plaaue, she is taking your calls about teenage relationship for your take action thursdaa. if you have a question about teenage relatiooshiis as the kids are back in schooll our (410)481-4544. you can send us a tweet or go
7:54 am
our first caller is heee. >> good morning? what is your question. >> i have a 16-year-old who i have now allowed to date. sse is 16 now. and i just wanted to know any signs that i shoolddlook out for that maybe it's not going in the right ddreetiin or that maybe sexuul activity is happening. i'm a teenage mom and i don't want tte same thing for her. >> i so understand what you''e going through. what you neee to do is be honest about your experience. talk to her about how difficult it wass the mistakes thattyou may have made. the ttings that you may o different or may have done different if you had more informationn also, as a parent keep your eye on the situation, invite he
7:55 am
boyfriend over, make sure he is having dinner dates with you as well where you convey to him, you have college plans for your daughter..3 your dauuhter has lot on her3 mind and a lotton her plate. this rrlationship is only a small part of her life and not a ú%g thing. it only exists in a bubble. >> let'ssgo to juliet in catonsville. good morning, july. whajuliet.what is your question. >> my husband is 10 years my senior. it's hard to deal with him but also my 15 years old child. what can i tell to her.3 ú%thinkkshe should is scared of dad. [ laughter ]hat i said. >> what you have to do, hon is ú% partners, even thoogh you disagree with dad and his hard line on dating and you being a real more realistic.3 she is a teenager and be able to get out there.
7:56 am
front. righh noo she is going to see division. >> divide and conquer. >> he is gging to say, heck, no. what you are goong to have to do is find a middle ground with you and dad. ú% honest and be open with your daughter. let her know she can come to oú with anything. if it's her desireeto hhve a man in her life, well, a oy, let's put it that way is big thing and that you are always there to talk to her about that? p> let's go to temiqua in baltimore. are you there? >> yes. >> what is your question? >> nowadays a lot of teenagers their parents. without them being scared. >> you know, what the key to that is to talk about your own so official.ú what we do is we go and have the talk. sometimes you ave tt just watch a movie or watching a television
7:57 am
program ore even having something in the news thaa %-something like that.rtist or look, how would you handle that siiuaaion? what do you really hink? and then have the conversation it comes to the relationship. >> thank you for your calls and thank you for shedding some light on this topic. hopefully this helps people. coming up in at 8:00 hour shopping smart at the grocery aisles with the mosttheart aisles with the mosttheart healtty my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
7:58 am
7:59 am
a surprising neighborhood where a victim was stabbed and
8:00 am
what may have led to the incideet. from terror comes hope. baltimore prepares to commemorate the annnversary of 9/11. and they're showing off their purple pride. we are joined live instudio to countdown to kickoff. good morning. it's thursday septembbr 9th. it's shaping up to be a pretty, pretty day out there. good morning, i'm patrice harris. i'm megan gil illiland. the sun so shining but it's i heard tony to bring a sweater. i would have neeeed some jacketú i was freezing out there this morning. >> i'm just not ready for this. >> iiwas on the pposiie side of you saying i wanted it to be the fall weather. i changeddmy mind. it's cold.
8:01 am
>> you know what, i saw you out3 there, she really needs ssme kind of jacket becauseeit's chiill. we broke a summer record for th3 i was born in 1943. >> all the way back then. >> we will take the fall like weather this morning. chilly this morninn, nice this afternoon. you're going to feel like it's september and not auguss. we will put it in writing for you. how about 55 days of 90 degrees plus this summer 2010. again, we have melted a record. it goes back to 1943. right now 66, thatts the warmest it has been at bww. we have been in the bi!! 50s all morning. dew point at 48. the winds gusting up to 12 to maybe 20 miles per hour this afternoon. you re saying it feels ripe indeed. fall. 72 attlunchtime, a delicious stencc degrees for a daytime
8:02 am
high, that's a couple of degrees cooler than normal. let'' see if the cool heads are prevailing on the roadways. here is lauren. >> reporter: we do have trouule in nnrthern baltimore. a person has been hit by a car near the convention center. if you're trafulling north -- traveling the northeast corridor of 95, expect slow speeds. checking north of tte beltway you will ee speeds are really,3 really looking pretty slow. if you're traveling from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltwayy you're looking at a 15-minute ttip with an average speed of 15 miles per hour. it will remain heavy from 95 to ú%. you're looking at a 17-minuteú drive there with an aaerage speed of 17 miles per hour. from 795 to 95, you're looking at a 14-minute trip with an average speed of 55 miles per back to you. 8:02 other fox 45 morring news. a man is stabbed and left for ead in reisterstown.
8:03 am
it happened early this morning at the intersection of route 140 and franklin boulevard. normally a safe area, police are nnt sure if this was a robbery attempt but they do believe a fight broke out before that victim was stabbed. his injuries are life-threatening at this point. the person responsible is still on the loose. we will bring you an update iff and when police releaseea scings. meanwhile if you know anything about the stabbinggthis morningú call baltimore policc right away.ú ú%> city policeeare called to the scene of a stabbing in down it happened near mlk boulevard. police fouud a man stabbed but so far there's no word on his condition or a suspect. city firefighters are called to a two-alarm fire at west madison near north charles street at 11:30 last night.
8:04 am
when thhy arrived on the scene, firefighters found heavy smokeú and flames cooing from the roof. it te extended to the building t door. there's no word on the caase and it remains under investigation.ú firefighters fighting two different four-alarm blazes. take a look at this. the first fire broke out at 4:30 in the afternoon. when emergency crews arrived on the scene they found three row homes on north calhoun street engulfed in flames. the flames quickly spread across the street sending 5 more homes up in smoke. luckily all but one of the homes involved were vacant. minutes later less than a quarter mile away on north carey street, two more homes up in flames there. - of those homes was occupied. investigators say there's a good chance the windy day could be to blame for spreading the fire. >> i don't know what started the fire, but whatever did, whatever happened people should be
8:05 am
ashamed of themmelves setting stuff on fire like this. >> that's the way it is. burn them up. >> reporter: firecrews were calleddback to the scene n calhoun streettaround 10:30 last night afterrthe flames there rekindled. ttey were put out about a half an hour later. with the november elections fight overrslots in anne arundel >> house of new jobs. jjbs that our county needs. better schools ffr our kids. >> a roup supporting the slots parlorrnear arundel mills mall has put out a no new ad. it pushes people to vote yes on question a on the ballot. supporters the project gathered at their campaign eadquarters yesterday. the man in charge of the project says a broad group of people are in favor h of the plan.
8:06 am
>> when i meet with the firemen, the school teachers and they're on my side, i'm honored, i feel gooo and i know i'm going to -in. >> supporters say slots will bring money and jobs to ann anne arundel county. stay with fox 45 morning news for the latest in the mid-term elections. go to 2010. president obama is calling a plans to burn off the koran.he the ministers could listen to the better angels and listen to theeworld. the pastor's book burning isn't the only controversy swirling arrund the 9th annivvrsary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> reeorter: the issue of moving a mosquueaway from the ground zero is moving. that is how e is dealing with the controversy. >> if we move, that means the radicals have shaped the discourse. the radicals will shape the
8:07 am
discourse on both sides. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cnn the imam says he would like a way to save face and come to good compromise, but now there's no solution. ú% if i had known this would have happened, we certainly would never have done this. >> you woulddnever have picked >> reporter: the debate continues as family members of 9/11 victims are not buying his story. >> he is talking about finding a solution to save face, to me the -olution is for imam ralph to say, in emory of all of those peoppe and as a ggft to new york, we'rr going to think about our plans, maybe build another location somewhere. >> eporter: as that issue plays ut, so does tte in pro protest against radicals. so far the pastor is not
8:08 am
bulging. >> as of this time, we have o intention of canceling it. >> reporter: outrage continues to pour ouu against this planned protest. some secretary of state hillary clinton to attorney general eric holder to sarah palin and even in washington i'm sandra endo. here in our region anne arundel county is ready to show -ts respect to the 9/11 hero with a new memorial. joelld smith is at millersville where pieces of world trade center will be a part of that tribute terrors anybod. >> repooter: anybody who goes by will be moved by this. it came together very quickly %-make this come quickly so fas. >> it's incredibll amount of resouuces anddthey have been out
8:09 am
for two weeks working on the site. i think they did a tremendous job. >> reporter: it's the first aspect. they wwthi want to do more thins here. how can people contribute if they want to help more with what ú% left to do. >> we have a little -- it's the market. we have a collection here. we are making phone calls. we had a fundraiser at green turtll and edgewater. this friday, next friday rather, on the 17th at calypso bay and we are encouraging people to come and make thii project successful. >> reporter: there's a faaebook page. >> we are on faccbook or you kan call to donate. >> reporter: there's still an opportunity if you want to be a part of this to make this happen. we're at miilerrville ttis morning.3 joel d smith, fox 45 morniig
8:10 am
news. of a north carolina restaurant is grabbing national attention. -hh sign says screaming children will not be tolerated. kelly was at that restaurant when she noticed the sign. she says the sign is a clear violltion of the american with disabilities act because it discriminates against her autistic son. the ooners of the restaurant say they're tryiig to create a nice3 sat mosatmosphere for their cuss child at the time sheú complained. >> she aid i have a an autistic child and you are sing ling them out. i said autistic is ot on a worn >> the owner points out no one will be kicked out only asked tú step outside until their child calms down. coming up, are you ready for
8:11 am
some football and some rook and' roll? are yoo ready ♪ ♪ inside and we are joined live intod jinstuuio to rock out fore raven. arready for 3
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back. 8:13 is the time. and it's shaping you uppto be a nice day. >> much more seasonabll. tony page foot iny i!! foo pagne details. the big record that we broke with all of the heat. mother nature is saying i'm going to take it easy and give youua nice fall day.
8:14 am
this ii the warmest it has been upper 40s. out in the biz n 0d dew point is dry, speaking of3 %-weeks.ain n the past two -ust a trace and a couple of sprinkles about a week ago. we are about an inch plus n the deficit category. between the big heat of 2010 and the dryness, we are havvng some problems. the farmers are having aa3 horrendous summer, not to mention the heat and the problems it has caused for folks out there. today it will be delightful, sunshine and breezy condiiions. we have gotten up to 50 in oakland. 45 an hour ago. bie55 in charm city. and taking ook here is the breezy condition, the high pressure coming down from canada. it's going to make it feel even cooler than the 75,,77-degree %-clouds rrdar future scan shows us that we will ave clouds, a high stack of clouds, but the
8:15 am
sunshine is pushing through it all and it will ggve us a nice delightful sunny afternoon with aafew peeks of sunshine. how about igor. the 9th day tropical storm of the season in the tlantic. it's about 4,,00 miles away from miami. it looks like it will be a hurricane by the weekend as ii heads toward the antilles. still too ar away to say what kind of an effecc it might have on us. in the next couple of ays.ú here is what we have closer to hhme for you. we have nice temperatures on the eastern shorrs. 77 degrees,,winds 10-15 miles per hour here in central maayland. -8, partly cloudy this morning. sunshine this afternoon. deep creek lake wes!! western marylann, coollr 74 degrees. tonight open the windows, turn off the ac, because we have got 58 degrees for you. seven-day forecast, even cooler tomorrow, so yo we are all feelg
8:16 am
the air. the weekend looking good. we need the raii and on sunday theefrontal boundary moving through is going to give us a chance of rain and the temperatures moderateein the low 80s. let's see if the traffic is moderating on this thursday morning. witt the latest update here is lauren with the track edge report. >> reporter: thank you,, tony. if you're traveling to the forttmchenry tunnel expect a slow ride. no problems to report if you're traveling through the harbor tunnel and unfortunately we are dealing with another accident at east joppa road. checking and taking a live look, ú%u will notice it really will be slow. %-maach boulevard tt the beltwa. if you are ttavelingg695, here is a live look aa hhrford road -here you can see itts kind of ú%ngested along the outer loop lanes. ú%ride as you make the push towd towson. if you're using a west side here is a life look at liberty road.
8:17 am
you're looking at a 13-minute ride from 795 to 95. if you're using the harrisburg expressway, it will be wwde open from shawan road to the beltway. the jjx will remain clear all the way down to east fayette street. good news for thoseeof you in north baltimore, calhoun road is now open following yesterday's massive fire. we are dealing with accident downtown, person who has een hit by a car near the convention center at south sharp street. another accident in west baltimore that is going to e right on edmondson avenue at nottingham road that you want to watth out for. that's the traffic eege report. back to you. still ahead he is a k9999 -- k-9 cruiser. >> how this dog learned o ride a motorcycle and water ssis. are you ready to be all alone ♪ ♪ bringing. >> later they are rocking out to
8:18 am
the greet iron. buck cherry kicks off the ravens season live here in our studio. 8:17 is the time.
8:19 am
8:20 am
jazz is it up for a good >> wanwayne bruce is joining us this morning and you're going to be the entertainer at this event, aren't you.3 >> yes, i amm we're inviting our veey special friends, phil perry legendary vocalist to perform with us and our good frienn is going to be
8:21 am
the host of this event. >> normally we're going to ask you to show us a ittle someehing,,but we'reegoing to ask you to aveeit all for saturday. i know it's a big deal. >> it's a big deal. this is it. i had ink elp so many people in theeafghan. ú% what do they do. how does the program work? 30 yearss what ww do is we rovide medical %nd agricultural resources to african villages that don't have doctors. we provide doctors, dentists, i got involved ecause my wife3 is a physician. >> okay. >>she did a lot of medical mmssionss >> and i'm sure -- you will probably come all kinds of stories about impacttthat they're having over there.
8:22 am
we're changing villages, helping villages get water. i mean water -- most peeple in africa in the villages die because of lack of medical resources and water. you would be suuprise because they die because the water is bad. we take thaa for granted. ú%at is why you're having a fundraiser. i'm sure a lot of people will come out to hear you guys and we appreciate you coming out this morning. p> we appreciate you having us. >> if you want more innfrmation on the fundraiser and how to have a good night of jazz just log on to still to come, they're rocking out just in time for season opener. ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready to go on the lawn 7 ♪ ♪ ♪ we are joined live instudio
8:23 am
season. and next, there isn't a ú%ggest ravens fan in town. how this guy why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
8:24 am
i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:25 am
rise and conquer. that is what the ravens are planning to do this season. that is also what the maryland zoo in baltimore named their two ravens. the zoo is celebrating football season in a very big way..3%amyh one of zoo's ravens right now. -ood morning, amy. >> this is rye. >> is he a friendly bird. >> he is just testiig the
8:26 am
waters.ú he is not going tt come after you. we takk them to the games, and they're used to meeting the people. >> what do they at. >> meat, they are ska venge scad they eat a lot of meat and veggies. thee hhve to have a varred diet. >> he is very well behaved right now. is he always this good. >> when we first got them, we wwre nerrous about taking them3 on the field. how do you preppre them for i 70,000 peopleescrraming. they do very well on the fiild.ú thee just like everybody. at one point, they fall asleep ú% our arms. they look over aad start getting heavy. the eyes are twitching because they arr tired. -hey arr not stressed out at
8:27 am
all. but, yeah, we're on the field for the home games and we're on ravens bal walk for the games. tomorrow we are having aaspecial stop at the car van at the zoo. there's going to be a lot of animal aabassadors, the cheerleaddrssare going to be out there and theeravens are bringing a whole crew ouu there. it's from 2:00 they will get ttere and wwll be there for 45 minutes or so, but we have a very speeial deal. >> what is that. >> if you come in after 5:00 it's only a $5 admissioo. so definitely a good deal. come out and wear your purple and support the zoo and the team. >> we have them at base camp %-part of the zoo at polar bearr wwtch. they will be there every purple they will be there from 10 to 1:00 and we will have them on the raven block for an hourrand
8:28 am
a half. then we go intt thh stadiums during the games. >> very good. ú%y, thank you so much. good for coming. >> no. he is weel behaved. still coming up rockkng out for the ravens. are you reedy ♪ ♪ somethingg ♪ >> buck cheery joins us live in studio to kickoff the ravens regglar season. you are watching fo 3
8:29 am
8:30 am
thatt s buck che!! cherry. >> ttey are going to get the ravens season kicked off..3 >> before they kick the raven season offf they're kicking it off here in our studio. it's 8:30. welcome back.
8:31 am
i'm patrice harris. >> i'm megan gilliland. veryyseasonable and here to talk about cooler temperattres. let's get into football. we are done with the sweatingg3 90 degrees, theehottest summer since 1943. we hhve had 55 days of %-break.ature says you deserve a nice, cool temperaturess 56 at bwi thurgood marshal airport. winds are oing to be factor aad winds gusting up to 15 out of the northwest throughout the 72 degrees at lunchtime. we will top out at 77 degrees for our daytime highh3 that's a couple of degrees cooler than noomal.. well, let's seeeif things are heating u up or ooling down on the roadways. here is lauren with the traffic >> reporrer: you do want to
8:32 am
expeet, we'reedealing with a the fort mack henry at as we take a look at the tunnel entrance. you can pull up the shot. traffic ill be slow. match area, you do want to white expect slow speeds. you are looking at a 12-minute ride with an average speed of only 18 milessper houu. it will remain heevy as you hop on to the beltway, ffom 95 to 83, youure looking at a 19-minute trip with an average speed of 43 miles per hour. you will see relief as you make your way to the west side from 795 to 95, you're ooking at 14-minute trip with an age speed of much higher, 76 smiles per hour. patricc and megan, back o you. here are the stories we are following this morning. 14-year-old girl accused of measure did he go ing did hmurdy
8:33 am
attempt. arteshiarteesha holt shot a man. she pulled thh gun on the men because had he laughed at her when she demanded the money. her brother is being held as an accessory. >> reporter: i'm at mill millersville at ann ran deal!!eo 9/11. those are the actual beams from world trade center. local ccntraccors donated their own time and effort to knack thimake thishappen. now anyone who comes by here can pay their own tribute them stestlethemselvesand remember w9 years ago on 9/11. nearly 2.25 million travelers passed through bwi that's a new record..3
8:34 am
ú%e airport is largely crediting southwest airlines for driving traffic that high. it's the largest airline at the airport and serves more than a million of those passengers. the previous record was sst in august of 2001 before the 9/11 terroristt attacks. ♪ ♪ are you rea ready ♪ it's coming bringing t on its own ♪ ♪ a good time coming ♪ you wanttto ride all ay >> drum roll, please. football season starts on monday for baltimore fans. the ravens are reaay to rock the house it season and rock band, buck cherry is helping hem to hit off the season. they are joining us this -orning. are yoo guys ready ffr some football. >> we are ready. ú% i know t startssfor aalot of football fans. the ravens fans start on monday. you are kicking us off?
8:35 am
>> that's right. we are going to be aa -- >> your song all night long, that'ssthe perfect song toolead us into the season? >> we wanted to make sooe record with anthems on it, some party songs and there you have it? p> are ou football fans. are you excited about football ssason. >> yes. >> you travel so much, you have to get up close anddpersonal an3 get to it with all oo the different teams. >> we're ii so many different cities. we're big sports fan. we get to watch on the tour bus and we don't miss a game. >> talk about the tour, how iss3 that going and alllthat good stuff. >> o far so good. this tour, has actually gotten to be home a lot. >> that's always nice. >> yeah, to be with our ú%milies, but now we're -- u.s. bound right now aad then we will
8:36 am
>> then you need tt enjoy the time you are able to be at home before you head off and start a crazy whirlwind. >> we get to eejoy all of the hot weather this country has had to offer. >> do you not like that. i like that. >> when it's up in the hhnddeds, it's hard to be outside. >> e brought this weather just3 for you guys today. >> perfect weather for rocking. >> absolutely. let's talk about all night long. it debuted on number 10 on the chart. >> it did. >> that's awesome. for independent recordd it's >> you got to be pretty proud of thatt >> every record that ww put out it charts highee and last3 longer. we love whaa weedo. >> what is it like being out with the fans because they love what you do. you have a few popular hits, can't say the name of all of thhm.úú%it must be fun when youe people singing the songs.
8:37 am
>> wwee you start making music, you hope that you inspire people like the bands that inspired us. it's pretty gratifying. >> it's going to be good. you're goinggto do -- get %-and raven eason..3ll season >> yeah. >> preparations. >> all right. >> cool..3 >> anything to help te raven win which we are goiig to do this year, i'm all for. buck cherry is playing at the power pllnt live tonight from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. if you need ore information juut log on to and no matter where you're from, we're looking foo all of you ravens fans to send us your photos showing off your purple pride. take some photos at the concerr tonight. that will be good. foe to -- go to pride. still to come who says you can't teach an old dogs new >> wwy this motorcycle riding,
8:38 am
water-skiing dog almost ended up at the pound. 8:37 is the time. %-news, all local all morning.g ú%
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. tony pagnotti with the 20 minutes before the top of the hour. this is the warmest it has been at the inner harbor. we have been in the 50s and 80s out in westeen maryland. we have been telling you how dry it's been the last few weeks. a trace a week ago. we have a deficit of over an inch of rain. beyond that ww have had the
8:41 am
hottest summer ever, 55 days plus 990degree temperatures. that's an all time record. it's been hot and dry and it's been not good for theefarmers and folks out there. it's been a greenhouse effect warming effect throughout the summer of 2010. maryland satellite-radar picture, today we will get a break from aal of the heat. no 90s, look at this 50 degrees in oakland. 66 down at fredrick fredrickbur. these temperatures will get 10 degrees warmer and that is for the day. a dome of high pressure is goiig to drag down, windy, and breezyú conditions. these are the cooler temperatures, the breeze will make it feel very fall like today. you are going to enjoy the nice3 coocoolerrair i'm shower. showing the clouds and giving way tt a lot of shine in the afternoon. unfortunately nn rain in the picturr. a lot offrain, though, way out
8:42 am
there. cape verde ssill 4,000 miles away from mmami florida is igor the 9th day tropical storm of the hurricane season. %--o our weatherr be a problem as it heads to the ntilles ii will turn into a hurricane y theeweekend. it's still too early to call. we will keep you posted as we do at fox 45. todayy 77 degrees, we will have a lot of storm of sunshhne. no weather patterns or no central marylanddlooking good, too. our temperature will be right3 -round 78 degrees with the winds will be gusting this afternoon up to about 15, maybe 20 miles per hour. deep crrek lake, western maryllnd, a real good time to be out on the boat, 74 degrees. tooight get rid of that ac. turn it off and ave on the electric bill. mother nature provides the cool air when you pen windows. 588for the overnight llw.
8:43 am
even a few degrees cooler, ú%degrees cooler than we should be as we work or way through sunday right now first chance of any rrin.3 we hope to get some rain in here sooner or later but a 40% chance ú%d then temperatures moderate over the next 7 days. let's see how that traffic is going. get a final check of the traffic edge report and here is lauren cooke. thank you, tony. while you do want to expect a slow ride traveling thrrugh the fort mchenry tunnel, that is due an earlier crash on the southbound lanes. fortunately traffic will be jammed back to keith avenue. we are dealing with another accident at parkville at harford road at walker boulevard. unfortunately slow speeds on 953 moving through whitemarsh. here iisa live look north of the beltway where you will be able to see the belttways are going %-5 miles per hour right now.t if yoo're traveling the beltway checking in and taking a live look at parkvillle this is goin3 to be that 95 shot where you're looking at a 0-minute ride from
8:44 am
whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. as for the beltway attparkville here is a look at liberty road. here is a look at harford road roads will be jammed..3 here is a look at liberty road where you can see a bit of congestion. you're looking at a -minute drive from 95. no problems o talk about. road.ll be wideeopen at warrrn we will remain clear if traveling on the jfx from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. pattice and megan, back to you. thank you, lauren, in tte nave gate thnavigate the streetn while being hunted by theefbi. we have tickets to an exclusive screening. just be the 4th r 5th get a 4-pack of advanced screening passes. a dog riding a hog.
8:45 am
>> how this canine manages to
8:46 am
8:47 am
we all want to eat right and make nutrition choices and when we're in the grocery store, but who has time to read all of those labels. we have tips to be smarr while naviggting the supermarket. >> fiist of all, spend most of your time in the produue aisle. choose a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. if youucan't fiiddfresh, buy canned and frozen just make sure therr's no add add salt or sugar. that means it's met strict criteria for saturated fat and cholesstrol.
8:48 am
in he bread and cereal aisle choose foods that list whole grains as the first ingredient. they recommend two serrings of fish, skin less poultry and lean beef or substitutes like meatt3 and tofu. opt for fo low fat. opt for canola oil and limit the sweets. ú%n't go shopping too hungry, eithee, you will only buyymore. he is a doggy adrenaline meet the dog that really has the need for speed.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
get in on the ink, the atú more tattto art convention is the place to be iffyou like body art. we are live at the connention center with more on whattis coming up. good morning. >> i hate to interrrpt you. i don't want you to make any mistakes with what you're doing, but tell me about what is going on at the convention. >> we got a lot goong on this weekend. it's aal weekend. we haveeside show --
8:52 am
>> oo my god. >> tattooing all weekend.ú 220 of the word's best tattooú artists from arouud thh globe. ú% i don't think he has more doing?for you to dd wwat you're >> we got to cover a couple of little spots. he is missing a little blue here and there. he has a blue -- >> all right. wait a minute. so this convention is not just about tattoos, though, there's other things going on some. >> let enigma tell you about it. >> we got show men from across the great states here. we are going to be doing all kinds of amazing stuntss this is the kind of stufffthat have seen with her hann over he3 eyes. it's very much an a american i don't know if you have seen torrh swallowers and stuff like that. that is the kknd ofú ennertainment we're trying to bring. %--ife.ringing america back to it's like a historical museum. -ou can come in here and do your
8:53 am
term paper on what you're about when yyu see it, you're not -oing to be liveethe same. from the time you step riggt on to the time you leave, you're going to see amazing as tuning performances. >> enigma, i'm a changed woman from this segment. >> if i wanted to get a tattoo, is ttis where i come this weekend. >> what you just said kind ofyú went in one ear kind of what whr is going in his nose. what talked about your grandmother with her hand over her eyes, that s me right now.3 oh my goodness. you. and we will have to come out to the convennion center to see more. thank you guys. >> you got it.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a man and his best friend are turninn heads n one florida community. jonathan reeorts adventure craving t.v. is annold dog that is always looking for new tricks. she, can jump thhough a hoop. >> reporter: aal great ttiiks but this is what gets her >> she travels on the bike is justtamazing. >> reportee: wearing hee passenger in her owner's women yalz says he hawilliams n sppcial since e met her and almost ran her over. >> i ran a black spot. i had no idea wwattit was.
8:57 am
it looked like a black animal. the next thing ou know, thh little tiny ddg came running up my car. >> reporter: she found where she had been rom. the rest of the puppies were put to sleep. -his one got away and wandered off in tte woods someehere. if i want ii, i might as welll3 %-williams took it home and iionically for the first day waan't the ost obeeient dog. she was bad at at first. >> reporter: until williams was able to harness all of that energy and the pair hasn't stopped sinne. >> she looes the water. sheeloves swiiming and ne of my neighbors road the ski board. >> repooter: yes, you might have guessed it. >> he told mm he was going to water ski and i didn't believeú. iicalled all the neighbors out
8:58 am
>> reporter: call it water-skiing or wake boarding, shibi is a beginner but it's it %-if it's so easy a dog can do , what about a reporter?ú%well, i. neighboos asked what is next? >> i mean aaasailing. >> reporter: fterralmost -ever haaing a life, shibi can teach us something ew. lives it to the fullest.and >> reporter: now with age 9 snout, who says you can't teach >> did you have fun sooe. >> she likes to go fast. would go for that, though. lukk!!looks like that dog, she d be good on the mottrcycle, but
8:59 am
the water-skiing. >> it was very cute. >> some dogs are more likk people than animals, aren'tt3 they? >> yes. >> some animals are morr like people? >> yes, like you. -p>> it's a gooo segueway, but we're done with he doggdays of summer. the summer of 2010 as we have been saying it's been the hottest ever is hissory as of ú%day. tomorrow, look at these temperatures, nice breeze, plea3 an conditions.ú chance of rain on sunday and moderating temperatures ovee the next 7 days. p>> football starts tonight. so, wow, can't wait for monday. see you guys.

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